Freelite® & Hevylite®
Freelite & Hevylite

Learn when to use Hevylite®

Find out how this intact immunoglobulin assay can be used with Freelite® to provide the best monitoring solution for Myeloma patients. Download the eBook.

Primary Immunodeficiency
Primary Immunodeficiency

The clues are there but can you see the answer?

Assess both IgG subclass antibody concentrations and specific antibody response to vaccines to support the diagnosis of primary immunodeficiency (PID).


SPAplus® - New assays added

Albumin (serum), haptoglobin and prealbumin (transthyretin) have been added to the menu of SPAplus®, Binding Site's Specialist Protein Analyser. Further new assays will be added this year and in 2013... more


OEM Products and Services
OEM Products and Services


We have set up a website dedicated to you, our OEM customers, to ensure you can find the antisera, antigens or reagents you're looking for.
Visit the new OEM website today.

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