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Sixth Edition: Serum Free Light Chain Analysis (plus Hevylite®)

3rd May 2011
Sixth Edition: Serum Free Light Chain Analysis (plus Hevylite)

The Sixth Edition of Serum Free Light Chain Analysis (plus Hevylite®) by Professor Bradwell has key updates that incorporate recommendations from new key guidelines including:

  • International Myeloma Working Group (IMWG) guidelines for serum free light chain analysis in Multiple Myeloma (MM) and related disorders 
  • IMWG guidelines for Monoclonal Gammopathy of Undetermined Significance (MGUS) and Smouldering Multiple Myeloma
  • Updates to the Uniform Response Criteria for MM
Chapter 23 focuses on screening studies and has been updated to include data from the most extensive screening study to date which examined 1,877 patients with Monoclonal Gammopathy at the Mayo Clinic.  
New Hevylite® data has also been added to Chapter 32 regarding the diagnostic sensitivity of Hevylite assays in monoclonal gammopathies. There is also new data on the prognostic value of Hevylite ratios. In Multiple Myeloma patients highly abnormal serum heavy chain/light chain (HLC) ratios at baseline identified patients with inferior progression-free survival. In IgG MGUS, abnormal HLC ratios identified patients at increased risk of progression to malignant disease.
Chapter 19 looks at MGUS and has been revised to include information on free light chain-MGUS and evidence that Multiple Myeloma is consistently preceded by an MGUS stage.

For more information, please visit - a continuously updated online educational resource for serum free light chain and Hevylite® analysis. To obtain a copy of Serum Free Light Chain Analysis (plus Hevylite) please contact your local Binding Site office or distributor.

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