Binding Site is a Specialist Protein company committed to the research, development, manufacture and distribution of innovative immunodiagnostic assays for the global laboratory market. With extensive expertise in antibody specificity technology, Binding Site gives clinicians and laboratory staff the tools to significantly improve diagnosis and management of patients across a range of cancers and immune system disorders.

  • Freelite® - Serum free kappa and free lambda immunoglobulin light chain assays
  • Hevylite® - New immunoglobulin heavy chain/light chain assays
  • Instrumentation - Binding Site systems include:
     - SPAplus® specialist protein analyser
     - New MININEPHplus™, a small nephelometer for low volume assays including Freelite®
  • Vaccine Response ELISA - measurement of specific IgG antibodies produced in response to vaccination
  • Immunoglobulins and Subclasses - a wide range of automated and manual assays
  • Complement - Total complement activity and quantitation of complement proteins
  • Other Plasma Protein Assays - includes: MININEPH assays; Serum/plasma protein RID kits;  SPE and IFE; Cystatin C, ß2 microglobulin and Retinol Binding Protein
  • Infectious Disease Assays - Assays for infectious diseases distributed by Binding Site
  • RID kits - Animal Proteins - for research use only
  • Antisera, Antigens and Reagents - Bulk/OEM plus a wide range of antisera for research use